Bows for Hope

How Bows for Hope was created


Lauren, a 15 year old, created Bows for Hope. After being diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in the summer of 2009, and going through a year of chemotherapy, Lauren's Aunt, introduced Carey (Lauren's Mom) to a blog that she had found on the web. The blog was about a little boy, named Mattie, who was going through the same thing Lauren was. They had the same cancer, it was 
in their same right arm, and their treatments were almost parallel. Carey started to email Mattie's Mom, and they instantly became email buddies, comparing their similar lives.


Mattie, unfortunately, passed away after a hard battle with his cancer. His parents though, did not give up hope. They started the Mattie Miracle Cancer Foundation in honor of Mattie. When Lauren went back to school for 6th grade in 2010, she had to create a "how to" project for her english class. She had been making colorful duct tape things for a while, and decided to do "how to make duct tape bows". After she did the presentation, everyone in school wanted one.

She decided that she would make the bows, and sell them at school, and donate the money to Mattie Miracle. After much talking with her friends, her teacher, and the principal, she was able to sell her bows during lunch at school. Lauren, along with her friends to help, made lots of bows to get ready to sell at school. She was truly happy that this was really happening, because it was her dream, and her dream was about to come true.

When it came time to sell her bows, she walked into the cafeteria with her box of bows, shocked, because there was a line waiting for her, that was twice the length of the cafeteria. By the end of the week of selling bows, she had raised over $600 from selling $0.50 bows.

Today, she continues to sell her bows at school, and has raised thousands of dollars for the Mattie Miracle Cancer Foundation.  

Please visit to learn more about the foundation!